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Custom Artwork


  • A tattoo is body art made by inserting permanent ink into the dermis layer of the skin to change the pigment. Tattoos are for the most part, permanent.
  • When receiving a tattoo, your skin will be priced anywhere from 50 to 3,000 times per minute.
  • Sterilized materials are crucial to tattooing because of the way tattoos are created. Thousands of punctures in the skin could each become infected. At Incendiary Tattoos, we use disposable materials to ensure the highest standards of sanitation for every client.
  • Modern tattooing inks are carbon based pigments that have uses outside of commercial tattoo applications. At Incendiary Tattoos, we use only the highest quality pigments.
  • Tattoo machines haven’t changes much since the late 19th century when they originated. Most tattoo machines are made up of the needle, the ink tube, the electric motor and a pedal to control the movement.
  • Getting a tattoo can be painful. Pain levels vary depending on the placement, size, type and your artist’s skill level. Incendiary Tattoos only employs the most skilled artists to ensure you the least amount of pain possible. And if you want to bring in a friend and hold their hand during the process, we’ll make that work!
  • Tattoos are for the most part permanent. Laser removal is successful in some cases, however removal of tattoos is often far more painful and expensive than having the tattoo applied.
  • Be certain about your tattoo before you proceed.